Lighting Control Systems

"Another World" IT Company Office in Kyiv

  • Company
    Anna Yevtushenko Architect
  • Lead Designer
    Anna Yevtushenko
  • Categories
    Winner in Lighting Control Systems
  • Location
    Kyiv, Ukraine

«A» class business center «LEONARDO» in which the On a total office area of 1300m2. Meeting rooms and recreation areas "Lounge" for holding business meetings of top management persons.To achieve effect of natural lighting of recreation area "Lounge", light screens were designed with the use of foamed auminum Alusion (Canada). Alusion mesh structure reflects and transmits light chaotically. Various light effects are achieved. Light installations - adjustable brightness and a wide color palette of RGBW LED lighting - allow creating the necessary atmosphere. Lighting installation has synchronization with music accompaniment. The geometry of space and use in the interior design of dynamic methods open up new views from different angles. The use of reflective surfaces in the interior creates a sense of refraction of space.The complex use of the technical capabilities of the recreation area "Lounge" allows transforming the premises for the necessary functional purpose: a meeting room, a living room, a bar and even a nightclub. When you are in the lounge, the sensation of the flow of time is lost. It seems that you are in another reality - It is The Another World!