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The Southern Flame

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
Company Willowlamp
Lead Designers Adam Hoets
Completion Date 2018
Project Location Art gallery - Southern Guild
Entry Description
A bold, massive and intense new sculptural artwork based on a disrupted, melting version of our Mandala No.1 design. Conceptualised as a leak from a pure geometric dimension into our reality. Intended to evoke fire running up the wall. 3.2m Height by 2.5m wide wall / ceiling mounted with 130 suspended G4-LED UFO lamps. Available exclusively through the Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town. Exhibiting on a show entitled 'Extra-Ordinary'
Company Description
willowlamp is an award-winning South African lighting company. Founder and Creative Director Adam Hoets’ innovative construction methods - that involve fixing ball chains to laser-cut steel frames – and his architectural background lay the foundation for statement making art pieces that command the spaces they’re in. The result of the brand’s adaptable and versatile design approach allows huge scope for creativity, which has resulted in a vast range of intricate lighting designs that range in size and style from lamps and pendants to chandeliers and investment pieces. Inspired by nature, sacre