Designer and Custom Lighting


  • Company
    Ilanel Design Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Ilan El
  • Categories
    Winner in Designer and Custom Lighting
  • Location
    ST KILDA, Australia
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Supernova’s complex structure of luminous and obscure facets is inspired by the aftermath of a tremendous cosmic explosion. The light, shadow, movement and stability represent a frozen moment of the extreme energy of an exploding star. Supernova is designed to hover weightlessly in space, capturing that magic moment with intent, bringing quiet drama to a space.

Supernova is not only a beautiful illuminated object, capturing a moment of the creation of energy, it is also uniquely resolved. Developing our own parametric modelling to enable the fitting to be constructed in any shape or size to suit any space allows Supernova to continue evolving, growing and shrinking. Taking my inspiration from a Supernova creating a stellar explosion of light, I have created a new light design that captures the essence of that dramatic event in a weightless moment of light.