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Luxxbox Blade Acoustic pendant

Prize(s) Winners in Agricultural Lighting
Company Luxxbox
Lead Designers Jason Bird
Entry Description
The Luxxbox Blade Acoustic pendant slices through noise for improved acoustics in open spaces. At less than 1” thick, Blade reduces more than 50% of reverberated noise - the leading cause of poor concentration and lost productivity in open plan working environments. Blade is a dual purpose sound-management tool, offering functional task lighting and noise-absorption in a single interior design solution. Available in lengths up to 6’ and heights up to 4’, Blade is fitted with highly efficient, class leading LEDs, providing suitable illumination for workstations and desks. Blade is crafted from dense polyester fibre material which is manufactured from 65% recycled plastics. This material is also fully recyclable, achieving a platinum greentag rating. Blade’s simplicity and delicate aesthetic belies its robust construction and highly effective acoustic properties. Blade comes in 13 standard colors, but can be covered in woven fabric, increasing its acoustical performance and allowing for greater customization. The fixture can be hung independently; parallel for a continuous, sleek lighting feature, or clustered as a unique and functional statement piece.
Company Description
Luxxbox designs and manufactures acoustic lighting, flexible lounge systems, and agile office furniture designed for modern, collaborative workplaces, all in their pursuit of authentic design. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, clients are served across the country as well as through distributors in the United States and Southeast Asia. Luxxbox is committed to developing authentic, original designs using innovative manufacturing techniques and unconventional materials. Their extensive range of award-winning acoustic lights is the most comprehensive available internationally.