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Hybrid 15 Sunflower

Prize(s) Winners in Chandeliers
Company Andrea Claire Studio
Lead Designers Andrea Claire
Completion Date August 2018
Project Location New York, NY
Entry Description
This is an example of the custom mobile chandeliers we love to make. Our unique mobile “kit of parts” chandelier can be configured into many variations, and extended both vertically and horizontally to fit any room or project type. We work closely with our designers to explore what will work perfectly for their projects. Utilizing 3D models, full scale mock-ups, and hands-on experiments with finishes, we develop the design until it is exactly what the project needs. This Hybrid 15 Sunflower Chandelier, with a custom sculptural hanging bracket inspired by Alexander Calder, has both vertical and horizontal elements and was designed to fit into this special new home in Bridgehampton NY. The architectural space was stunning and to complement it properly we went through close to 30 iterations of shape, size and color to arrive at the finished product. The final piece uses a custom “Sunflower” yellow stain along with “Pickled White” and “Natural” bamboo colors with 3 added high polish Black reflective globe elements.
Andrea Claire's original design intent was to create a mobile chandelier that would defy expectations by also being an abstract floating sculpture.