Chandeliers / Pendant Lighting


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    Eureka Lighting
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    Eureka Lighting Design Team
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    Winner in Chandeliers / Pendant Lighting
  • Location
    Montreal, Canada
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Arena’s innovative magnetic ring enables users to snap on or off light sources at will. Each light source is equipped with strong magnets that form a safe, low voltage connection to the Arena ring. Users can move, spread evenly, gang, flip up or down, pivot, or aim light sources without tools or the need of an electrician.

Arena has 4 light source options; Slice, Aim, Beam and Glow. Accessories can be mixed and match creating a unique lighting platform with unmatched versatility.

Slice is a decorative linear light source with an acrylic diffuser. Each Slice can be flipped for direct or indirect illumination and can be installed at overlapping heights.

Aim is a discreet 38mm diameter aimable projector. The head rotates 350° and can be tilted up to 90° inward or outward. It can be flipped vertically on the Arena to enable indirect illumination and is available in two beam angles.

Beam is a powerful projection offered in 3 beam angles and with a choice of 4 optical accessories.

Glow is a decorative translucent light source that uses the same 60mm body as the Beam. Glow adds a touch of ambient luxury to the sleek Arena profile.