Light Art Project

Absorbed by Light

  • Company
    Gali May Lucas
  • Lead Designer
    Gali Lucas
  • Categories
    Winner in Light Art Project
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The Amsterdam Light Festival is one of the largest light festivals in Europe, hosted annually since 2012. During the winter period, artists from all over the world take part in the festival, sharing their unique light creations, inspiring & enlightening both its visitors and fellow artists.

Edition 7 of Amsterdam light festival, saw Gali May Lucas created a new light sculpture entitled ‘Absorbed by Light’. The Light Art sculpture responded to the theme of the festival which was the idea of ‘the medium is the message.’

The installation itself sees 3 figures sitting next to each other on a bench, displaying the typical characteristics of smartphone users: heads bent, fingers typing and swiping, faces glowing in reflected light. While their bodies are physically present their minds are elsewhere. Like moths to a flame, we are drawn to the screens that illuminate our lives. Yet this light that brings us information also draws us away from the tangible world. It is a false beacon.

The sculpture aims to comment on how digital technology engrosses us and takes people away from reality. As a spectator, you too can join the narrative by taking up a position amongst the figures.