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Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company Sebastian Kite & Expolight
Lead Designers Sebastian Kite (Artist), Mykola Kabluka (Design)
Completion Date 2019
Project Location UNIT.City, Kyiv, Ukraine
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Entry Description

Beacon is a light art installation, based on a 60-meter factory pipe in the territory of the former motorcycle factory in Kyiv, where the first innovative park of Ukraine, UNIT.City, was opened in 2017. In the process of renovation, among the new buildings, this artifact was preserved and now it has become a public landmark, attractively dominating the city.

The concept of the Beacon is to create a unifying symbol in the era of changes in Ukrainian history. A symbol of respect for the past, the land on which it stands, and the desire for the future.

With the onset of darkness, the light moves vertically from the bottom upwards, displaying the process of energy charging. Reaching the summit, light projects from the pipe with a powerful vertical beam.

For the linear light that travels up the chimney a special unit has been developed, thanks to which it was possible to make the light soft and dimmable. Also, the equipment allows to implement various scenarios. In addition to the main scenario with white light, program options were developed in the colors of Ukrainian national symbols and other states for possible receptions of state delegations, as well as a festive New Year's prog