Light Art Project

Zhu Xiaodi Solo Exhibition “Unlimited”, Beijing

  • Company
    Beijing Puri Lighting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Fang Hu
  • Categories
    Winner in Light Art Project
  • Location
    Beijing, China

When all the lamps are 100% lit, the ground illumination can reach 150LUX, and the true "lines" and the fake "lines" of the shadows "integrating together, without any flaw.’’ The "lines" appear on the facade, the top surface, the floor, every corner of the space, the viewer's face and body. As long as people enter the space, they are bound to be together with “’lines’. Strong shadows, are produced by strong lights. Light creates the shadow we need and also leads to glare we don't need. In order to keep clear shadows and take into account people's comfort, we reduced the maximum brightness of lamps to 80%, making the light less dazzling.
The Chinese ink painting is changeable, and no one can master its rules.
We discussed with artists how to use light to express inscrutability. Finally, we have determined a control mode, in which the light can fade in and out by 10% ~ 80% through the program. The man-made "inscrutability" implies the changes of reality.