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MidLight Runway

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company KTX archiLAB
Lead Designers Tetsuya Matsumoto
Completion Date 2019/08
Project Location Shukugawa, Japan
Entry Description

MidLight Runway is a skin beauty clinic in the chic neighborhood of Shukugawa, Japan.
This interior project takes place in an already existing building that offers a limited space to host the totality of rooms. In an attempt of celebrating beauty, the hallway transcends its merely functional quality of serving different spaces to perform more like a runway. A series of repetitive Stainless-steel bars standing from the floor to the 3.1m high ceiling on both sides of the hallway divides the space into smaller waiting and consultation rooms on the right, and the different examination and treatment rooms on the left. All consultation rooms are open to the outside garden through the glass fa├žade opening it to the comfortable daylight. The stainless bars edge facing the hallway is lit in its total height. These lights reflect on the mirrored ceiling to create a 6.2m shiny runaway. Similarly, the wall at the end of the hallway is also covered in a mirror in its totality. Walking down the hallway turns into an experience of a bright fashion runway where beauty is reflected, where elegance is celebrated.