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Parc Pavilion 'De Hoge Veluwe'

Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination
Company Beersnielsen
Lead Designers Beersnielsen Lighting Design
Completion Date June 2019
Project Location Otterlo
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Entry Description
Parc Pavilion 'De Hoge Veluwe' is a boomerang shaped building, that houses a restaurant, shop, congress rooms and a reception/information area. Key factor in the design, both exterior and interior, has been the relation with nature. It is closely connected with the surrounding forest.

An important part of Beersnielsen’s lighting design has been to bring the natural light and shadows as perceived in the forest into the building. Thus enjoying a little longer the soothing feeling of nature.

A shadow play of gentle wind through tree leaves is simulated by nine chandeliers, supported by bird songs that echo in the space. This is an example of biophilic design, which reinforces contact between people and nature by incorporating elements of nature into the built environment.

To realize the perfect shadows and to create a shape that feels natural in the space, a total amount of seven prototypes were made.
Each chandelier consists of twenty individually addressable LED's. Video footage of light and shadows was used to create an algorithm that controls each of these light fixtures, creating a natural feeling of movement.

Come and visit and search the hidden squirrel in the tree.

Company Description
We are an experienced creative, flexible and independent lighting design firm. Our work is wide-ranging in terms of type and scale. We design light for people, ranging from an urban scale for cities and public places to buildings and interior spaces. We are also trusted and credited for our experience in delivering lighting solutions for exclusive Fine Art and exhibitions. As independent consultants we work in close collaboration with our clients, architects, designers and engineers to strengthen the design vision and to enhance the experience and the quality of light.