Live Design Lighting / Music Event Lighting (DJ/Video)

US Open Opening Night Ceremony feat Kelly Clarkson

  • Company
    Design One Lighting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Christien Methot
  • Categories
    Winner in Live Design Lighting / Music Event Lighting (DJ/Video)
  • Location
    New York, United States
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Working with the producers and Clarkson's team to create a one night only unique concert experience for the USTA opening night ceremony was Christien Methot's task on this project. After many rounds of 3D renderings the team settled on this long runway that went up and over the tennis net, placing Kelly Clarkson right in the middle of Arthur Ashe Stadium were all the spectators could see her perform with grace her amazing hits. Surrounded by stacks of LED's cubes that created a sparkling impact, paired with a great deal of haze and bright beam effects with eh lights on court placed 360 degrees around her, made for a strong live and on camera experience.