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Adelaar Resort Roadway Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting
Company Atelier Lumiere, Inc.
Lead Designers Kazumi Tanimura, Sorachai Kornkasem, Choon K. Lee
Completion Date 2013-2017
Project Location Thompson, Sullivan County, NY
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Entry Description
Adelaar is a 1,700-acre resort upgrading from the historic Concord Resort in Catskills into a new world-class destination, including hotels, recreation facilities, entertainment village, and a diverse residential. New roadways were created to connect each component within the abundant nature: from the highway to the main casino to the quiet residential area. Following a rustic theme set by the Landscape architect, AL suggested new LED head with a custom wooden pole to blend into nature. Total of 310 weathered grey tapered wooden poles is standing in the woods. Specific optics of the LED heads were carefully selected based on the traffic patterns. The pole heights and arm lengths were determined based on the widths and contour of roadways. The pole spacing and locations not only had to follow the physical shape of the roadway, but to coordinate with the irrigation, and the unexpected addition of guiderails. Another seasonal obstacle was the frequent use of snowplows. From a drone view, it appears a simple project, but many layers of coordination were required to accomplish such smooth illumination. On the first evening, the client gave the compliment "no car headlights needed!"