Ambient Lighting


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  • Lead Designer
    Kevin Grant
  • Categories
    Winner in Ambient Lighting
  • Location
    Edinburgh , United Kingdom

There was a desire to create something which had never been done before. To embrace the Nordic approach to health, design and hospitality - and fuse this seamlessly with local Arabic influences to integrate within the local surroundings.

The aspiration was to create a unique setting, with a doorway into a Nordic wellness experience. However, we also had to work within the constraints of an existing building which had been built to accommodate very different design brief.

We wanted to use light as a way of celebrating the extreme contrasts found in Scandinavian countries – the darkness in winter and the never-ending sunshine in summer, beautiful sun beams and long shadows, sparkles of light in the night sky and the fantastic light shows of the Northern Lights - exploring opportunities to embrace and or replicate natural light, create cooler sanctuaries and also cosy snugs which did not feel out of place within the local Arabic setting.

To achieve this, we employed and developed many innovative lighting techniques including -filtered sunlight, sun blocking, integrated lighting details, use of light and shadows, and interactive elements which respond to time or proximity