Ambient Lighting

Guangzhou Road·No.1 Courtyard in Heze

  • Company
    Beijing Puri Lighting Design
  • Lead Designer
    Fang Hu
  • Categories
    Winner in Ambient Lighting
  • Location
    Beijing, China

This is a fantasy and uncommon space where buildings of various shapes are ‘floating’ in space. What kind of light is needed for such a space? Of course, it is also a fantasy and uncommon light. We have chosen a colorful, infinitely variable light. In this space, there are two sets of lighting systems: 3000K track lights that can be used for general lighting, and track lights that can be changed in RGB?red, green and blue?.In order not to damage the integrity of the space ceiling, we installed these two track luminaires on the vertical curtain wall ribs, in this way, we tried to avoid installing the luminaires on the celling. This is our greatest innovation in this project. In addition, the biggest challenge of this project is the material of the building. The architect used a lot of metal on the ceiling and the ground. In order to avoid the coming of a lot of reflection in the space, we added soft lens and anti-glare accessories to the luminaires, and adjusted the angles of the luminaires to avoid the discomfort of human eyes. People will experience this kind of different light for the first time in such a type of space.