Ambient Lighting


  • Company
    Kris Lin International Design
  • Lead Designer
    Kris Lin
  • Categories
    Winner in Ambient Lighting
  • Location
    Shanghai, China
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This case is an urban renewal and renovation project. Under the background of urban renewal, the designer has carried out a comprehensive study on the history and geographical features of the textile industry in Leidian Town. Under the premise of respecting history, the original cultural style is retained and used. Modern design techniques reinterpret regional elements to create a modern urban art center that spans the boundaries of time and space.
City landscape
The roof of the art gallery continues the historical elements. The designer hopes to preserve the memory of its history and culture. He wants to translate the yarn elements of the textile machine into a modern design language, combined with the light to present the top and fa├žade design of the space. The light formed from the yarn is related to the cultural context from ancient times to the present, and at the same time gives the space a modern simplicity and order aesthetics. It seems to tell the centuries-old textile culture of Leidian Town, and people and space can reunite with the times.