Stage Lighting

Khalid's Free Spirit World Tour

  • Company
    Silent House Productions
  • Lead Designer
    Baz Halpin & Alex Reardon
  • Categories
    Winner in Stage Lighting
  • Location
    Burbank, United States
  • Project Link

Baz Halpin and Alex Reardon are the lighting designers for Khalid’s Free Spirit World Tour 2019. Halpin states, “It was essential to submerge Khalid within the digital content as well as to reflect his countenance in various ways through notch integration. To do that, we had to have a specific number of LED tiles in which the resolution was critical. Once we knew the tile frame and touring frame sizes, we re-drew the floor and ceiling to achieve a forced perspective. This effect provided a dynamic and immersive world for Khalid’s ideas to come to life.