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The Gulag History Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Yarko Lighting Design Studio
Lead Designers Ksenia Lanikina
Completion Date November 2017 - October 2018
Project Location Moscow, Samotechny line, 9-1
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Entry Description

The GULAG Museum is a museum of memory. It tells the story of the repressive policies of the Soviet government. The architectural concept implied the creation of a dark boxes and a corridor, which were an interpretation of people's living condition of that time. The visitor walks through the maze, now and then escaping into a new impasse and turn. To support the general narrative of the harsh reality of the prison camps, the light concept was based on cold lighting that emphasizes the feeling of unstopping draught in barracks. The color temperature of existing devices was 3000K, we corrected it to 4000K using special lenses. It corrects color temperature without losing color rendering index. Architectural lighting throughout the exhibition simulates daylight through the cracks in the walls. An imitation of light due to a turn is both decorative and ideological - light as hope - and navigation it allows you to indicate the path of movement and the presence of a hall with exhibits. Showcases with personal belongings had warm color temperature as an evidence of life and hope.

Lighting designers: Ksenia Lanikina, Vlad Oblasov
Architect: KONTORA
Luminaires: Sylvania, Zumtobel
Company Description

We do not design lighting, we create a light environment, atmosphere and mood. The lamp is our tool for creativity. An artistic vision and technical skills of our specialists, extensive experience and constant research of the market in search of new products allows us to create unique lighting solutions. We always accompany our projects from the beginning to the end, develop all the technical details and monitor their implementation on the site. This allows us to implement the most daring and complex decisions in the form in which we conceived them. So the customer gets a result that exceeds