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Prize(s) Winners in Conceptual Project/In Development
Completion Date June 1, 2019
Project Location Huzhou, China
Entry Description

The design concept is "a scales". Scales is an important garment for fish, it is protecting the body, gaining speed, and sensor function. It is the same as the feature of fast fashion. In order to protect herself in fashionable clothes, I pursue sensitivity and quick change of clothes. Then scale has various meanings. Scale, size, balance, rise, measurement, scale etc. I linked this to the brand vision.

Scale - Expand on a global scale
Climb - Grow and evolve
Measure - Create clear rules and criteria
Balance - Always good balance
Scale - It works with good rhythm and speed

We are not looking for fashion to be consumed. We want to provide and swimming this place for fresh periodic fashion experiences such as natural providence.

From those elements, we analyze fish scales and reflect them in the design. And it analyzes and reflects the ecology of nature. Big seawater will evaporate, become clouds, and rain. It will be a blessing of the earth, and more lives will be born and grown. Then I return to the ground and back to the ocean again. It is an important cycle. Everything from logo design, interior space, textiles, graphics, color identity, POP planning etc. reflects this concept