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Stay Away

Prize(s) Winners in Theater Performance Design
Company Spectrum Design & Associates
Lead Designers Christopher Mok
Completion Date August, 2019
Project Location Hong Kong, China
Entry Description
“Stay Away” is an original immersive dance theatre piece plus installation exhibition conceived and choreographed by Hong Kong base choreographer Ms. Frankie Ho with lighting design by Mr. Christopher Mok of Spectrum Design & Associates (Asia), set design by Ms. Yoko Seyama and original music score by Mr. Dirk P Haubrich both from Berlin Germany. The piece was commissioned by Artistree Hong Kong and premiered as an opening event for Artistree’s Moving Pieces festival.
Spatial perception is an interesting topic among human beings especially for people in Hong Kong living with various urban settings. The performance and the installation shall bring attendances awareness of their own interactive findings with surrounding and people so as to re-establish what sort of relationship one shall hold with the city living into. Dancers of seven shall lead audiences to go through different setting and experiencing the visual changes during performance. The glass cube standing at the centre symbolize the visual tension. Light and lighting constitute the major part for the journey.