Energy Saving Lighting


  • Company
    Gillard Group
  • Lead Designer
    Jenni Gillard
  • Categories
    Winner in Energy Saving Lighting
  • Location
    Brisbane, Australia
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Thornhill, completed early 2019, is a 35 apartment residential development featuring a central light-well, open sides and trellis gardens. The Gillard Group designed and commissioned the turnkey lighting design.

Highlights include: achieving an astonishing 0.43 watts m2 for the car park; indoor horticultural lighting for hanging gardens; bespoke decorative tube LED luminaires; and indirect and facade lighting.

The car park, with open sides and close neighbours, required careful selection of product and many calculations to achieve full compliance and no spill light. In addition, the placement of luminaires reduced the number required, the energy consumed and total costs.

The same rigorous approach was applied to each apartment type and common areas. Common areas are 4.72 watts per square metre. Apartments are 2.6 watts per square metre. 80% of the lighting is indirect for the well being of aged care and disability residents.