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Saint Francis Borgia Church

Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lighting / LED Interior Systems
Company Illyria Creative
Lead Designers Michael Lehman
Completion Date 2018
Project Location Chicago, IL
Entry Description
Lighting was the final step in the renovation of a church built in 1964. The space is shaped like a “V” that is 49m from end to end, with a central altar. The ceiling is vaulted from 4.2m at both ends to 12.5m in the center. The space also includes stained glass, dark brick walls, and a dark green exposed wooden beam ceiling. Stewardship is achieved through the use of efficient technology and understanding of client needs. All custom luminaires used on this project are LED’s, designed to last 60,000 hours to L70. This energy saving design reduced energy consumption by 90%, from 35,280W to just 3,600W, and consumes only 1.49 W/per square meter, 1/3 the IECC limit. The new design delivers a uniform 430 lux in the seating areas. In addition, by pre-programming scenes based on client needs, all the lights in the church will no longer be on when only one part of the church is being used. Design goals addressed a more welcoming environment, visibility, glare, aesthetics, energy efficiency, controls, multiple uses, and maintenance. Custom designed pendants, task lighting, accent lighting and control system resulted in a more beautiful, functional, and energy efficient space.