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Evolution Tower

Prize(s) Winners in Energy Saving Lighting
Company Skira Architectural Lighting
Lead Designers Dean Skira
Completion Date 12/2018
Project Location Moscow, Russia
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Entry Description
The Evolution Tower is a 55-story office building in Moscow with a height of 255 meters and an area of 169,000 m2. It's one of the largest and most efficient all-LED illuminated office building in Russia. The project included significant challenges because of the spiral shape of the tower, as most rooms are neither rectangular nor square, and the inclination of the glass facade is different on each side of the building on each floor. The building is equipped with the most sophisticated control systems possible which controls facade and interior lighting. It’s connected to a network of wireless window sensors which track how sunny the day is, the shade from other buildings and sun reflections. It also takes information from thousands of occupancy and daylight sensors on all floors. The system uses advanced algorithms to control the Dali-dimmable luminaires and the custom roller window blinds to maximize visual comfort and minimize energy use. The result is an extremely visually comfortable interior which delivers an operational load of just 4.8 W/sqm on an installed load of 12W/sqm, a remarkable 60 percent reduction.
Company Description
Light has a strong impact on people and their surroundings, which is why we take its importance seriously in our design work. Our sustainable and adaptive lighting design strategy takes into account the people, the architecture, the implementation of light and shadows, and other influential factors covered by our holistic approach to the performance resulting with long term satisfaction and respect for all.