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Global Investment Firm Executive Suite

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting
Company Lam Partners
Lead Designers Keith Yancey, Alicia Miksic
Completion Date 3/15/19
Project Location Boston, MA
Entry Description
Not wanting to create your typical corporate financial office space, this global investment firm opted for a fun, collaborative, and comfortable work environment for the renovation of its executive office suite.The 18,000 square foot project included mostly an open plan concept with three distinct areas: general workspace, an incubator for strategic initiatives, and a café. Partitioning throughout the space was accomplished primarily with furniture elements as opposed to fixed architectural walls. Therefore, the various neighborhoods within the larger, exposed- structure volume were defined primarily with lighting effects and decorative ceiling planes. Some areas were uplighted to create a brighter sky to encourage collaboration while other areas were primarily downlighted to promote quieter contemplative space. Linear direct and/or indirect fixtures were woven through the baffled ceilings, making the lighting hardware almost invisible, accented only by decorative, playful pendant light fixtures. All of the 3000K LED luminaires had to be carefully selected in order to meet not only the aesthetic parameters of the space, but also a very aggressive construction schedule.