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Bloomberg European Headquarters

Prize(s) Winners in Workplace Lighting
Company Tillotson Design Associates
Lead Designers Suzan Tillotson, Mitul Parekh, Erin Dreyfous, Sara
Completion Date 10/27/2017
Project Location London, UK
Entry Description
The Bloomberg European Headquarters achieves a unique and inspiring office environment. It is also currently the world’s most sustainable office building with a 98.5% score against the latest BREEAM sustainability standards.

The public realm around the building is topped with a ribbon of crystalline fins, edge-lit with concealed LED’s adding a sparkle of light that creates a unique identity for the two lower floors. LED accent-lights located between the fins, tilted minimally out towards the carriageways, provide soft illumination while linear LED’s, with carefully selected optics for each unique application, are regressed within the top of the stone plinth to uplight the stone soffits.

The intricate layers of lighting used in the facades gives the appearance of self- illumination from within while providing light to the surrounding public areas.

At the interior, the bespoke ceiling system, is created from two million three- dimensional, metal “petals” that house individual LEDs at their intersections. This low-brightness system is calibrated at a reduced output to minimize wattage consumption while still achieving the desired 300 lux on the working plane throughout.
Company Description
Tillotson Design Associates, founded in 2004, is a WBE lighting design consultancy based in New York City. A diverse staff with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, and theater, including several LEED accredited professionals, combine talents to create exemplary work. Together, our principals provide over 80 years of lighting expertise. The launch of Tillotson Design Associates came just after Ms. Tillotson completed lighting designs for the Seattle Central Public Library and Prada Beverly Hills with the Office for Metropolitan Architecture.