Workplace Lighting

Fukuoka Bar Association Hall

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Saika Okamura, Hideyuki Matsuki
  • Categories
    Winner in Workplace Lighting
  • Location
    Fukuoka Japan

To realize a new lawyer hall open to society, there was a need for light that was both functional and warmly welcomed the citizens visiting for a consultation.
The fa├žade of the building is not illuminated from the outside, by showing the interior lights as they are overflowing through opening. It creates a gentle expression like a Japanese lantern.
The wall of stainless steel panel connected from the outer to the inside. It was specially polished with the motif of the local traditional silk fabric. From a distance, the reflection of light appeals its presence, when approaching, the soft diffused light shows a delicate expression as if it were textile.
In halls and hallways visitors are naturally guided by continuous architectural lighting.
There is a lounge connected to the outside terrace on the top floor. Minimal downlights are hidden in the ceiling of the terrace seats in the lavender fields. The reflection of the table illuminates the ceiling softly.
The lighting of the entire building is automatically adjusted according to the amount of natural light, and it obtained ZEB READY certification that is given to the building with energy saving rate standards of 50% or more.