Community Building Lighting

Neuron Pod

  • Company
    Sutton Vane Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Mark Sutton Vane & Julie O’Reilly
  • Categories
    Winner in Community Building Lighting
  • Location
    London, United Kingdom

The Neuron Pod is an addition to the world famous Centre of the Cell Education and Research unit at Queen Mary University of London. They wanted edgy and exciting architecture and lighting. This educational and lecturing pod looks like a living organism. All internal and external lighting is designed by Sutton Vane Associates. The outside is covered in flexible hair-like dendrites that sway and move in the wind. The dendrites dim up and down and gently change colours in slow ripples that mirror their rippling movement from the wind and show the activity inside the pod. To make replacement and maintenance easy and to make them safe, the dendrites are lit by remote fibre optic light sources.

The dendrites start deliberately a bit high up the structure so they are out of reach of naughty students who might try and play with them.

The space can be used for a variety of events: lectures, films, workshops, experiments and even exams. The internal lighting is flexible enough to accommodate all these uses. There is dimmable white down lighting for working and RGBW up lighting for creating atmospheres for events.

The dramatic lighting has raised the profile of the university.