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Singapore Buddhist Lodge

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company Light Collab
Lead Designers Yah Li Toh, Michelle Tang Mei Shien
Completion Date March 2019
Project Location 17-19 Kim Yam Road, Singapore239329
Entry Description

The existing building has a new extension for the main prayer hall. The challenges includes understanding the various 3D architectural and religious elements of the main prayer hall. It is a tall volume of 15 metres and the client also wishes to achieve certain illuminance levels when the devotees are praying, reading scriptures when kneeling down. Layers of lighting were applied to uplight the featured ceiling, yet trying to avoid harsh shadows from the protruding and 3-dimensional elements. The reflected light also creates soft lighting in combination with accent lighting. The main feature in the prayer hall is the large golden Buddha and smaller statues at the side, and it was challenging to illuminate it while concealing the lighting fixtures carefully. The experience was to create a spiritual golden glow over the statues and the special golden tiered ceiling.