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Quadrant Arcade

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Company AECOM
Lead Designers Cehao Yu, Lee Barker-Field
Completion Date February 2019
Project Location 80-82 Regent Street, London
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Entry Description
AECOM Lighting Design, in collaboration with architect Barr Gazetas and The Crown Estate, have transformed the Grade II listed Quadrant Arcade, Regent Street, into an elegant new retail destination for the West End. Regent Street’s only arcade is revitalised through arranging the right light in the right place, whilst maintaining and emphasising its unique historic, character to create an outstanding retail space and public realm experience by day or night.
General, ambient light is used holistically and effects staged hierarchically to achieve variations in light patterning that create interest and promote increased use of the space. Strategic incorporation for design and placement of the main dynamic feature pendent was managed together with the artist so that effects appear more subtle than overwhelming. Combined with the intelligent control system, interaction between architectural ambient lighting and the theatrical feature pendant encourages the perception of a unique rhythm reflective of the West End. As daylight fades, light dynamism gradually brings vividness and vitality to the space. Each effect becomes a random display of light that makes each visitor experience unique.