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The Upgrading Lighting and Renovation of the Bund

Prize(s) Winners in Heritage Lighting
Lead Designers Tao Zhen, Project Director
Completion Date 2018
Project Location Shanghai, China
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Entry Description
The Project Owner is the Shanghai Landscaping & City Appearance Administration Bureau, Lighting Landscape Management Institute, Huangpu District

As Tungsten Studio contributed to this entry, the lighting concept is to restore the original delicateness and beauty of the Bund, presenting the architectural lighting as exquisite as historical relics. A controllable range of 1800-3000K color temperature is customized designed which is close to the traditional sodium lamps while achieve high color rendering to restore the various texture and color of the stone wall. The new intelligent lighting system built a powerful sustainable developed platform. Combined with stage control system, it can perform dramatic lighting schemes for various scenes, events and festivals. The historical buildings are walking in the music, and people on the Bund, the river and the other side of the river can enjoy and participate in the audio-visual feast at the same time. The detail of luminaries mounting location is repeated tested, all the cables and drivers are kept discreet, concealed from street view with customized slot in simulated stone paint the same with the facade.