Heritage Lighting

China Resources (CR)land Luqi Lake Sales Center

  • Company
    Lumia Lighting Design Co.,Ltd.
  • Lead Designer
    Yezhen Cai
  • Categories
    Winner in Heritage Lighting
  • Location
    Shanghai, China

China Resources (CR)land Luqi Lake Sales Center is in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang province, China, and it locates at where farmlands have been cultivated. With a history of over two thousand years, Jiaxing has developed Chinese traditional gardens with very strong local characteristics. The modern lighting design techniques have been adopted by designers to bring in more comfortable lighting, hence fully meeting the spiritual demands of traditional Chinese people and ensuring both practicability and ornamental value at the same time. People entering from gatehouse can see lighting integrated in to strong curves of the architecture, with soft lights directly shown on landscape walls, and the space becomes more tranquil by the sight of light reflected on water. Most of the lamps use linear recessed LED, which adopt simplistic designs that perfectly combine classics with modernity, nature with culture, building an ideal residence for modern people.