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Four Seasons Hotel São Paulo

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Lead Designers Foco Luz & Desenho
Completion Date 2015-2018
Project Location São Paulo - SP
Entry Description
In September 2018 the first Brazilian Four Seasons Hotel was inaugurated in São Paulo. The clients requested that finishes, materials and objects had to be national, resulting in a great research opportunity for Foco Luz & Desenho. The oficce was responsable for the lighting project, guided by initial concepts stipulated by the north-american office Lang Lighting Design, Inc.

On the reception ceiling, concentric lines of transparent and luminous spheres are contrasted by a dark panel, creating a surprising atmosphere. In the lobby, indirect lighting was chosen for the gold-paper-covered wall. The restaurant lighting is programmed with different intensities to attend clients, from breakfest to dinner. For the Ballroom, rectangular frames made with translucent pendants give life to the space and hide the fluorescent fixtures embedded in the ceiling.

At the spa's reception, light beams illuminate a panel made of wood sculptures, accentuating its contours. For the pool area, cylindrical volumes receive subtle lighting on their tops. A project highlight, the helical staircase has LED lights on its steps and copper pendant lightings accompanying the sculptural staircase movement.
Company Description
Interior lighting office.

Technical knowledge, sensitivity and commitment to the result are fundamental for the development of a good lighting project.

Based on these principles, Foco Luz & Desenho, an office specialized in lighting projects, operates in the corporate, commercial and residential areas.

The search for results that combine aesthetic quality, architecture value, visual comfort and rational use of energy are the main objectives of architects Junia Azenha and Ana Karina Camasmie when elaborating lighting solutions for their clients.