Hotel and Restaurants Lighting

Euphoria Retreat - Spa resort

  • Company
  • Lead Designer
    Anna Sbokou
  • Categories
    Winner in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
  • Location
    London, United Kingdom

The Euphoria Spa is the centrepiece of the Euphoria Retreat, located beside the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras. It is a four-storey building, with an area of 3.000 m2, that is carved into the base of a mountain, between town and forest.
The lighting for each space was considered as a unique piece, contributing to the crescendo of the ultimate relaxation experience.

As the presence of daylight would vary substantially from one space to the other, a number of custom luminaires were designed to imitate daylight conditions, thus harmonizing the transitions through the spaces and enhancing the immersive architecture. Artificial daylight tubes in reception catacombs, cylinder lightbox in the sphere pool and other systems were implemented, integrating latest technology.

The design of the Spa is meant to be peaceful and subversive, meditative and hallucinatory, orderly and free-flowing. This occurs through a choreographed transition of spaces in which light, sound, temperature, humidity, textures and smells create immersive sensory experiences.

For the purposes of this entry, only selective feature areas of the project are presented.