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Kei Cuisine

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Lead Designers Rebecca Wong
Project Location Hong Kong
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Entry Description
Inspired by Yoshida Fire Festival, the lighting design for the Kei Cuisine Chinese restaurant in Hong Kong is a tribute to light and fire.
Moody uplights accent the stony side walls at the entrance while the volcano-shaped reception counter echo the theme of fire. The fire-inspired patterned wall is nicely lit by concealed wall washers to form an impressive backdrop.
Lighting design infuses every corner of the main dining hall, decked with a large chandelier at the centre to celebrate the spirit of the Yoshida festival. On the feature wall that showcases fish maw, randomly distributed etches are highlighted by uplights and wall grazing, with a high level of colour rendering to give a raw, natural touch. Brightly lit etches also resemble burning flames.
Translucent partitions between the private rooms and main hall allow light to penetrate, while a red cushion wall at the back was highlighted by concealed linear wall washers to bring out the vivid color and texture.
The lighting of the entire restaurant is seamlessly integrated into architectural details, leaving only essential elements exposed and visible and contributing to an enjoyable and memorable fine dining experience.