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Four Seasons Restaurant

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel and Restaurants Lighting
Company Tillotson Design Associates
Lead Designers Suzan Tillotson, Erin Dreyfous, Megan Trimarchi
Completion Date 08/31/2018
Project Location New York, NY
Entry Description

This new home for the Four Seasons required a fresh update while paying homage to its predecessor. The primary objective of the lighting is to create a high-end dining experience for patrons where everyone “looks and feels beautiful." For this reason, harsh down lighting was avoided in the main dining room. In its place, a custom decorative installation of intersecting bronze tubes provides soft indirect light, capable of light levels ranging from 1 to 20 foot-candles for the lunch to dinner transition.

The moody bar space is anchored by a central sunken bar with table lamps highlighting a gold- backed glass bar top. The windows are lined with grazed curtains of hand-blown gold-flecked glass beads, providing sparkle.

In the procession from the bar, a dimly-lit oxidized brass tunnel with miniature point-lights acts as a runway, emphasizing a feeling of compression before opening up to the brighter main dining room featuring an up- lit ceiling with a custom tubular pendant, creating a soft and diffuse quality of light.

The lighting of the entire restaurant is seamlessly integrated into architectural details whenever possible, leaving only decorative fixtures exposed and visible.
Company Description

Tillotson Design Associates, founded in 2004, is a WBE lighting design consultancy based in New York City. A diverse staff with backgrounds in architecture, interior design, and theater, including several LEED accredited professionals, combine talents to create exemplary work. Together, our principals provide over 80 years of lighting expertise. The launch of Tillotson Design Associates came just after Ms. Tillotson completed lighting designs for the Seattle Central Public Library and Prada Beverly Hills with the Office for Metropolitan Architecture.