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*antigone lives

Prize(s) Winners in Stage Lighting
Lead Designers Adam Kostiuk
Completion Date October 2018
Project Location University of Calgary
Entry Description

*antigone lives was a relatively new work produced as a Canadian premier at the University of Calgary as part of it’s 2018/19 mainstage season. Directed by Christine Brubaker, with set by April Viczko and costume by Nicole Logan, this play by Susanna Fournier is an adaptation of the Greek tragedy Seven Against Thebes. The setting has changed to the near-future, where capitalism and chemical warfare have utterly changed the landscape. Now, dance is resistance and the gates to Thebes grow weak at the advance of the dead piling at them. Inspired by the world of clubs found in abandoned industrial spaces, the set and props work to evoke a society barely hanging on in a fallen world. The lights convey a world saturated with chemicals and dust, the hauntedness of an empty warehouse, the overwhelming anarchy of a raging nightclub, tinged with elements of the renaissance art so often based on Greek theatre and the depictions of the tragedies within.