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Prize(s) Winners in LED Lighting Products and Fixtures
Lead Designers Xiaoqing Long
Completion Date March 2018
Project Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Entry Description

‘Ecliptic’ is inspired by Kenneth Snelson’s linear sculptures. It stays like a two dimensional line when it overlaps, but with the rotations, it starts to build up the three dimensional forms.

Aluminium wire is the main material of the lamp, accompanied with the copper and rubber rings. Long finds out the neutral colour of aluminium harmoniously matches the brass colour which coordinates a homey feeling. By drilling the holes from the middle of aluminium wire, Long utilises the friction between the rubber rings and metal to achieve the movement of the lamp. The maximum rotating angle is 120 degrees which enables the users to change to the shapes they like. The lamp starts to interact with people in a playful way.

‘Ecliptic’ comes from the phenomenon of astronomy - ecliptic, angels similarly occurred while rotating around a centre point. In Long’s opinion, to be playful is a way to show more possibilities of the product. With the interactions between people, the lamp becomes alive.