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Bike Square, Novartis Campus, Basel

Prize(s) Winners in LED Interior Systems
Company Licht Kunst Licht AG
Lead Designers Martina Weiss
Completion Date July 2017
Project Location Basel, Switzerland
Entry Description

Exclusively for bicycles, the pharmaceutical group Novartis built an underground parking garage for its staff members on the campus. Completed in the summer of 2017, a generous subterranean space for more than 800 bicycles was created which forms an impressive architectural site.
The extraordinary architectural space was designed by Marco Serra and is bathed in a gentle light via large luminous “wheels” planned by the team from Licht Kunst Licht. The striking graphic gesture of the 16 oversized ring luminaires with a stately diameter of 7m each is the result of a complex custom luminaire development. Each luminaire consists of an annular slanting shell of white translucent PMMA, which has been divided into 12 individual segments. The light source consists of an LED ribbon with a 120° light distribution. In addition to insect proofing requirements, the concrete's construction tolerance represented an enormous challenge.