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Prize(s) Winners in Interactive Lighting Projects
Lead Designers Josephine Wang
Completion Date May 2018
Project Location Los Angeles, CA, USA
Entry Description

SPECTRUM is a multimedia installation converging sound and light in a performative environment.
The installation is a 15’ by 8’ curved wall of 800 LEDs live-animating visible light spectrum according to the sound input through a microphone at the focal point.
The performances are done by audience with their choices of sound making through the microphone; meanwhile, the audience experiences the light effects corresponding to the reflection of their sound.
Periodically throughout the exhibit, invited performers play music pieces, create various color behaviors with their musical instruments.
The application is transforming live sound frequency into light wavelength visualized by color-changing lights based on an algorithm.
The project’s aim is to develop an application beyond existing lighting consoles, to explore the potential characteristics of luminous and sonic environments, to experiment the possibilities of human perception affected by light and sound.