Street Lighting

Lighting design for business disrict in Moscow

  • Company
    Culture of Lighting
  • Lead Designer
    Julia Zharkova, Sergry Zhigalev
  • Categories
    Winner in Street Lighting
  • Location
    Moscow, Lesnaya street, Miussky lane, 1-st Miusskaya street, 2-nd Miusskaya street, 2-nd Lesnoy lane, Russian Federation

Project brief: 1.Create a lighting design for business part of Lesnaya str. in Moscow with intensive traffic. 2.Create a lighting design for side streets and pedestrian Miusskaya str. The main goal of project was discovering the identity of rather diverse area to reflect it in lighting, and visual splitting of busy Lesnaya street from quiet side streets. Tram line in the center of the street compelled to use thick poles, able to bear the load of contact wires. As a result, 9 meter lighting poles of custom design, with functional street light atop and Zumtobel Supersystem amidst, appeared on Lesnaya street. Road lighting became more uniform, while facades from second floor and upper vanish in the dark. Along the both sides of the side streets decorative pole-top was placed at 4 meter high poles, making bright and uniform lighting at low levels and keeping the upper hemisphere almost unlit. In pedestrian zone park style fixtures were placed to mark it with special and solemn look.