Street Lighting

Hamamyolu Urban Deck

  • Company
    Yazgan Design Architecture
  • Lead Designer
    Yazgan Design Architecture
  • Categories
    Winner in Street Lighting
  • Location
    Eskisehir/ Turkey, Turkey

Hamamyolu Urban Deck is an urban design project with 26.088sqm area in one of the most important streets of the city of Eski?ehir. The project is a body of layers that generate multiple links with the city through different elements which are designed in unique ways. A 2cm wide and 1.2km long linear led light beam is implemented in the centre of the Hamamyolu Street on the ground in the middle of the "glass axis". This led light beam passes through the whole site, merges with the ground and takes shape according to the topographical changes and traverses the urban deck with zigzags according to the existing trees. It displays and enhances continuous movement. The open art museum on the pedestrian bridge also acts as a source of light and makes the art works visible within its double curved vault. In addition, bronze stainless steel plates, "urban earrings", are hanged on the existing trees in order to reflect the spot lights located at the base of the tree and provide indirect light.