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Cafeteria, Düsseldorf

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company Licht Kunst Licht AG
Lead Designers Isabel Sternkopf
Completion Date June 2017
Project Location Düsseldorf, Germany
Entry Description
As part of a modernization project, a staff restaurant and associated kitchen from the 1970s were architecturally renovated. An essential part of the design task was to introduce daylight and a visual relation to the exterior by a new light well. For structural reasons, only a confined shaft geometry with small windows could be realized. Comprehensive studies demonstrated that the daylight intake was only minimal and the positive effects of natural light were not noticeable. The added value for the users was only attainable by means of artificial illumination. A floor-to-ceiling, 20m long artificial panorama window compensates for the lack of daylight, taking into account daily and annual variations, dynamics, light colour, light direction, and light intensity, thereby emulating a relation with the outdoor environment.
This extraordinary project presents the achievement of human centric illumination in a daylight deprived space that respects and supports the occupant's circadian rhythm