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FracTur(ed) Blown Glass & Light Installation

Prize(s) Winners in Artisan Glass Blown Lighting
Lead Designers Julie Conway
Completion Date November 2018
Project Location Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue WA USA
Entry Description

“FracTur(ed)” is a statement on finding ourselves in our modern society. It is challenging to find our reflection in the mirror, pulled in many directions, focused on many angles, and feeling like we are on a tight wire. Finding peace and tranquility in our ever demanding world is a challenge.

Light is fascination, attraction, a beacon, it is life. Light travels for eons before our existence, we see it after the millennia have past and the fleeting moment is gone. Julie Conway is an artist and designer revealing her perspective of the phenomenon of light through glass.

Blown Glass, Mirrored Glass, Silver Chrome, 24K Gold, steel cable
Company Description

Julie operates a vibrant studio, in Seattle WA, where she conducts talented teams of glassmakers, fabricators, and contractors and electricians to execute her custom illuminated glass commissions. With her 20+ years of glassmaking experience melded with design & craft, each blown glass fixture becomes a functional artwork and often the focal point of architectural space. Collaborating with architects, designers, and clients to create extraordinary lighted glassworks is Julie’s signature specialty.