Workplace Lighting

Localiza Building

  • Company
    Mingrone Iluminação
  • Lead Designer
    Antonio Carlos Mingrone
  • Categories
    Winner in Workplace Lighting
  • Location
    São Paulo, Brazil

The lighting design project for the Localiza Building, in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), can be considered a truly complete work when we take into account the wide variety of functions of the interior office spaces and the grandeur of the whole architectural project. Therefore, our lighting design work required the creation of innovative solutions for the visual comfort and energy efficiency at the different interior design areas. It has been totally developed in LED and with the adoption of automation systems DALI and KNX. The energy consumed for lighting the entire building reached the surprising mark of 4.97W / m². Single colour temperature was adopted for all light sources, providing a unique sensation for visualizing the spaces. In the Open Office areas, artificial lighting is always automatically supplementing natural light, even when curtains are shuttered.