Workplace Lighting


  • Company
    ambience + Studio Y
  • Lead Designer
    David Justice, Yaron Kanor, Dana Barely-Katz, Lin Lam
  • Categories
    Winner in Workplace Lighting
  • Location
    Melbourne, Australia. , Australia

This project was a playful yet carefully considered use of natural light, shadow & colour mixed with artificial light through dichroic film. It weaved ambience’s light-hearted branding throughout. The concept is designed to give varied stimulation at different times of the day, from mesmerizing sunlight, to mind-bending prism effects and arresting backlit colour gradients, with colours becoming denser and shadows more dynamic with the workspace continually evolving through colour & light every minute of the day. Working hand-in-hand with the dichroic film is the huge ceiling feature; a backlit double layered acoustic panel - created to provide mood-calming illumination for staff without cluttering the space. Detail and dedication was king. All downlights were custom painted to live harmoniously in allocated ‘colour zones’. Linear extrusion was painstakingly assessed to be placed for greatest effect & interaction with dichroic film & seating. View film