Workplace Lighting


  • Company
    Yoshihiro Onodera Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Yoshihiro Onodera
  • Categories
    Winner in Workplace Lighting
  • Location
    Saitama,Japan, Japan

It is an environmentally symbiotic office built in the tea plantation.It packs a variety of elements into a simple square cube. We aimed for a building where nature, people and building closely resemble each other.The three-layer well becomes a variable buffer space and the adjusted light and wind envelop the building.It also becomes a variable building that changes its morphology depending on each season by using the natural environment. The lighting plan eliminated the presence of the lighting equipment and only the light was the protagonist.I made a striking and comfortable atmosphere.The lighting scene is automatically changed according to the time zone by the lighting system linked with the sensor and the timer.Also, in order to automatically lighten necessary lights in areas where there are people.The color of the light changes according to the time zone.We adjust the illuminance automatically by energy saving setting of the BEMS system.