Theater Performance Design

Frankenstein - Playing with Fire

  • Company
    Cat Tate Starmer
  • Lead Designer
    Cat Tate Starmer
  • Categories
    Winner in Theater Performance Design
  • Location
    Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis MN, United States

In September 2018, the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota presented Frankenstein-Playing With Fire. The production was immediately hailed as visually innovative by Guthrie leadership and press alike, with reviews describing the lighting as “eerie,” “beautiful,” and "foreboding." Barbara Field's play is not so much a retelling of Frankenstein as it is a response to the original story, dramatizing a hypothetical last conversation between Frankenstein and his Creature, at the end of the world--The Arctic Circle. For our design, director Rob Melrose and the creative team strove to impart the feeling of danger that arctic exploration brought to Mary Shelley's 19th century reader. Combining this vision of peril with the idea of science and technology taken (perhaps) too far, allowed our design to venture into an otherworld of extremes, bordering on the surreal. Dir: Rob Melrose Scenic: Michael Locher Costumes: Raquel Barreto Music/Sound: Cliff Caruthers Lights: Cat Tate Starmer