LED Interior Systems


  • Company
    Ueberholz Gmbh
  • Lead Designer
    NIco Ueberholz
  • Categories
    Winner in LED Interior Systems
  • Location
    Wuppertal, Germany

FREE SPACE FOR INDIVIDUAL EVENTS Space, fascinatingly different. Whatever you associate with space can be found in the new workspace. Fascinating architecture. Modern design. Latest media technology. Space,this is 200 square meters space for free thinking and experiencing no limits, for multi-functional use, such as presentations, meetings, workshops and photo shoots. A space that lets ideas and thoughts travel. The outer shell of the building is fully mirrored. The surface consists of Refect 405 Alucobond-In it is camouflageartig the garden with water feature and lounge area. The building thus becomes part of the landscape and returns as an object behind the reflection. It becomes the play element of sky, weather and light. In its effect, it borders completely on the underlying Ueberholz. Office building made of concrete, but merges with the mirroring simultaneously with him to form a single unit.The inner part of the building,is clad in matte, seems to be pushed into the mirrow.