LED Exterior Systems

City of Dreams

  • Company
    illumination Physics
  • Lead Designer
    Peter Kemp & Simon McCartney
  • Categories
    Winner in LED Exterior Systems
  • Location
    Macau, Australia

illumination Physics was entrusted with lighting City of Dream’s expansion which enhanced the sense of arrival. It is a 3 story elegant glass façade that is 250m long and 20m high. illumination Physics created a linear luminaire (IP Double Graze Linear) in which 2 colours of LED were installed alternately along its length. The luminaire was installed vertically on one edge of the light box as a grazing wash light across the back pan of the light box. The critical design feature was that the focused angle of colour one was 20 degrees different from colour two, meaning that the two colours would come into focus at different places across the surface and it was possible to emphasize the far side or the nearest side to the luminaire or, by using both colours under dimming, create a transition from one colour to another. ‘IP Double Graze Linear’ was created for this project using illumination Phyiscs’ co-founders Peter Kemp and Simon McCartney’s advanced design and technological skills.