Residential Lighting

Casa Robles

  • Company
    1er [DIA] - Diseño en Iluminación Arquitectónica
  • Lead Designer
    Miguel Angel Calanchini
  • Categories
    Winner in Residential Lighting
  • Location
    Querétaro México, Mexico

Single family residential space in an exclusive and traditional community. A house that aims to offer warmth to its residents and guests with very active social areas The line is explored as an element that aims to link two points thus linking multiple areas, integrating lighting with the same language of the architectural project, straight lines and long, generating trajectories, inserting functional elements and own character reinforcing the visual and aesthetic, linear traces and geometric sequences where the light that leads you between one space to another. The ceiling wood panels feature grooves that made it easy to insert linear luminaires in 5mm aluminum profiles that go unnoticed during the day. Consideration is taken to ensure that the color temperature in the house is warm in all interior spaces where the downlight type luminaires are 2,700K CCT, direct or indirect linear details are 2,400K. For nearby outdoor spaces 3,000K CCT LEDs were used. The covered pool area has RGB